Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy belated New Year!!

First...let's give a big shout out to my boys for the best Christmas gift ever-My iphone!! That will make blog entries easier.... As I reflect back on last year, I think everything and everyone we have been blessed with.
Just to name a few..
- Our Lord who is always present in good times and bad. He sacrificed hi life so we can live ours.
- Prayer and how much closer our family is because of it
-my husband and sons., I love that I am able to spend everyday with them and when they are at school- they are just as loved by their teachers
- our family .. who never cease to support us with love and prayer, even those who live afar
- my sister and best friend
- our friends...who inspire me as hard workers, mothers, fathers, doctors, nurses....the list could go on
Could go on forever

Here are a few pics from their New Years eve

Mom,dad, Bridget and joe took boys to waffle house and did firecrackers . They were great babysitters so Brett and I could hang out with friends...