Friday, September 2, 2011

Cleaning up my Pantry, I am making some much needed changes to what I have stocked.. I recently watched a very frightening "Doctors" episode while on the treadmill.. and I convinced myself I need to watch a little more of what I am feeding the boys (all Three) and myself. let's start with some of my changes, and move on to the boys.. they'll put up more of a fight :)

A few Changes to begin with...

-----So, let's start with what I start my day off with everyday.. COFFEE

So, I have been drinking about 2 cups of Folgers everyday.. I have been wanting to make a switch to something more natural/organic.. but, everything I saw in stores was so expensive.
Recently on a girls' trip, we stopped at TARGET and purchased  the Seattle's Best Organic Fair Trade Coffee.. It was so good, and, bonus, it was marked down to $3/package. Apparently, if it gets anywhere near the use by date , they mark it down.
 ------ Creamer. Embarrassed to say, I had been using the powdered cream.. and after looking at the ingredients, and seeing it didn't have any sort of milk product, I knew I needed to make a change. So, I splurged adn bought Horizon Organic in Vanilla. It actually wasn't that expensive, and it doesn't take a lot to flavor my coffee.

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