Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hot Day at the Zoo

I admit it, I was desperate for something to do after school last week... So, the boys and I drove out to the zoo.. prepared with lots of water and cool snacks. Drove up, and thought they were closed.. only about 3 cars in the lot. The person at the check out desk looked at me like I didn't get the memo. Whatever.. let's see if they can get creative inside after 3 months indoors..

Ok.. so, here are a few shots..

Conner was questioning this whole zoo visit in the 90 degree weather at this point..

keegan didn't let the heat get to him... he still had a blast!

my boys weren't phased by the tiger jumping up right against the glass in front of them. I mean, not even a flinch. This is probably because they have been to this exhibit since they were little bitty. I would like to think they would at least run if they encountered one in the real world :)

keegan thought this was the coolest thing. i was giving him branches off of the bushes to feed them. We haven't been back to the zoo to see if they survived all the random plants we fed them.

I figured since I was the last one a the zoo.. it would totally fine to go ahead and let them hop in the fountain. Oh, the little things. To be honest, I was about to dive in, myself.. It was brutal.

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