Monday, August 22, 2011

Girls' and Boys' Weekend 2011

This was a great weekend for the whole family. I was fortunate enough to be able to join my bestest girlfriends (Leigh, Becca, and Katie) to Charleston, meanwhile, Poppy flew in to join Brett down in Baton Rouge for the weekend. Everyone had a great time.

The girls and I visited some awesome restaurants in Charleston, as well as some really fun bars. It was priceless drinking coffee, eating out, staying out late, sleeping in really late (11am one morning), not changing any diapers and just taking care of myself! so many memories..

Here are a few of the fun places we ate and hung out..

first day
FIVE LOAVES - Leigh and I ate lunch here as we waited for all the girls to arrive. Yummy soups and sandwiches.. Great atmosphere..young and old. I can see why it might be a fav lunch spot in C'town
CYPRESS -  First night dinner.. such a cool setting. High ceilings and paintings of cypress trees everywhere. Brick walls with very rustic, but, modern lamps.. gave me a ton of inspiration for decor.

second day
VIRGINIA'S- lunch (late.. no schedule :)!!!) perfect southern C'town food. I had the most delicious grilled pear salad.. never had anything like it.. might try and make it one day. Rebecca and Katie had one of their signature dishes.. Fried chicken with a few sides. It was seasoned with Rosemary and it was UNREAL!
CHAI'S - It was OK.. nothing special about food.. actually it was flat out random.. but, the atmosphere. None of us was really that hungry.. but, then we headed to a Thai restaurant, BASIL, as they were closing.. it was ok, too

third day
Lunch from Publix on the beach. Yummy sandwiches.. awesome view
Out to concert that night at Patriots point on Sullivan's Island. Saw Guster.. was really a perfect night on the beach!

fourth day.
Poogan's Porch - really good.. I think we were all exhausted at this point of all the eating.. but, food was delicious!

MEANWHILE IN BATON ROUGE.. the boys were having an awesome time with Daddy and Poppy..

Here are a few pics...

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