Friday, October 7, 2011

More Favorites... Oatmeal and pecans!

Ok.. here are a few more things that I love....and some good reasons why you should, too :)
 --- OATMEAL - To be completely honest, I think I go through at least a pound a week. I add oatmeal to everything. And, I get the raw, fresh, organic (if I happen to go to Whole Foods)..

     A few reasons why I love it!
     - tastes so yummy
     - A cup is only 130 calories..
     - High in fiber and protein, and low in fat (highest protein of any grain)
     - Gluten - free, and supposely my family has a history of being gluten senstive.. trying to be proactive.
    - protects against heart disease and cancer
   - protects against heart failure .. which also runs in the fam
  -   if you are nursing, it is said to help your supply ..

 - Pancakes
 - Muffins (box mixes, too)
- I also put more oats into any oatmeal cookie recipe.. a little extra gives it a little more chew
- meatloaf
- yogurt... along with fruit and nuts
- homemade bread

Favorite really REALY healthy recipe..


 For a while, I cooked with pecans all the time just because my parents were the "typical southern family" with a pecan tree in their front yard..and I HAVE bags and bags of them in the freezer..  Now, I do it for that reason and much more....

A few reasons why I love them

- They remind me of home
- They remind me of how lucky I am to be a southerner :)
    - They are yummy!
    - They supposely protect the mind..
   - Naturally-occurring antioxidants in pecans may help contribute to heart health and disease prevention
    -  19 vitamins and minerals – including vitamin A, vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, several B vitamins and zinc
   -  Sodium Free
   - Fats in pecans are heart healthy

A few things I sneak them in...

  -  Throw them in icecream
 - mix in yogurt
 - mix in any cookie I make
 - instead of anything breaded.. I crush pecans and use that as the coating..
 - mix in breads (pumpkin, banana, apple)
- mix in muffins
 - crumble on top of brownies..
 - decorate cakes with them
-- use in about any dish for Thanksgiving.. best with sweet potatoes..


  1. I love this post! So informative and I love your ideas! I'm going to have to try a few of these... it's been for ever since I've used them as breading on fish - so good!!

  2. oh, and I have one to add for the pecans - if you make pesto, replace the pine nuts your recipe calls for with toasted pecans. Sooo yummy!